Thursday, May 02, 2013

Nominees for Florida Circuit Court

The blog generally doesn't cover state court appointments (that's Rumpole's domain), but that latest Circuit Court seat has some interesting applicants from the federal family.  The Governor will decide from the following five, three of which have federal court ties:

Jason Bloch
Donald J. Cannava
Wendell M. Graham
Ayana Harris
Robert Luck

Bloch is a county attorney.  Harris is a AFPD.  Luck is a AUSA.  Cannava and Graham are county judges.


threeboysathome said...

Are we running out of good applicants? Usually, there are sooo... many good candidates for Federal positions!

Anonymous said...

You are out of your element. The "government" does not make the selection -- the Governor does. And these folks are not just "applicants" -- they are the nominees of the state JNC.

Anonymous said...

only been in front of graham a few times for hearings but he has a penchant for asking other lawyers at the table (you know sliding down the seats in chambers closer and closer to the judge's desk as hearings are resolved) to opine on helping him decide issues. we were arguing "grandfather" clauses once on some zoning issues and he's like "hey what do you guys think? have you heard this argument before?" laughable.

Rumpole said...

Ouch. But 12:10 is right on both counts.

You don't see me posting about the new nominees to the Federal Sentencing Commission.

David Oscar Markus said...

Thanks, I fixed it. The government was just a typo. Fair point on the applicants.

CAPTAIN said...

Here is my post from yesterday on the matter:



The JNC has met and voted to send up five names to Governor Scott for appointment to the open seat of Judge Joel Brown. Your next Circuit Court Judge will likely come from the list of:

Jason Bloch
Judge Donald J. Cannava
Judge Wendell M. Graham
Ayana Harris
Robert Luck

If the Governor chooses one of the two County Court Judges, then he will get a 2for. We should have Governor Scott's answer no later than June 29th.

These five were interviewed and did not make the final cut:

Michelle A. Delancy
Alan Sackrin
Steven Reininger
Sandra Miller-Batiste
Thomas Cobitz

Good luck to all the nominees.

Captain Out .....

South Florida Lawyers said...

I disagree on Graham -- he's very fair-minded, has the correct judicial temperament, and his heart is in the right place.

Rumpole said...

Win with Wendell!!!

Damn Cats said...

Friday cat blogging.

Stinking cats bother me to no end.

Anonymous said...

I agree with South Fla Lawyers and Rumpole. I have tried a case - and lost - in front of Graham. He was fair and ran a good courtroom. I'm an out-of-town attorney but treated me no different than the opposing and local counsel. Graham is certainly worthy of the promotion.