Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reality Steve cites to the SDFLA Blog

Well, now the blog has officially made it.  Yes, links from Above the Law and How Appealing are nice, but now we've been cited to on Reality Steve:

Let me first confirm two more contestants for you. The first guy was really the only bit of info I’ve tweeted out in the last two weeks. I tweeted him out last Wednesday right before I left for California.

14. Mike Garofola: 31 or 32, Florida, Assistant United States Attorney. I first tweeted him out last Wednesday before I left for California once I was notified this blogger had posted him. So a big thanks to David Oscar Markus on that one. He’s one of the two unidentified guys on the red team during the dodgeball date.

In other news, Hafiz Khan is seeking a new trial based on Curt Anderson's story about the snitch.  Curt Anderson covers the story about his story:

A Muslim cleric convicted of terrorism support charges for sending thousands of dollars to the Pakistani Taliban is seeking a new trial, partly because of an Associated Press interview with the key FBI informant, according to documents filed in federal court.
The attorney for 77-year-old Hafiz Khan said in the motion filed Monday that the informant provided previously undisclosed information in the March 8 interview with the AP. Informant David Mahmood Siddiqui gave the interview describing his work for the FBI a few days after a jury convicted Khan of four terrorism support-related charges.
Khan's attorney, Khurrum Wahid, said in the documents that examples of new material include the length of time Siddiqui worked on the case and details about his perilous fall 2010 undercover trip to Pakistan's Swat Valley to meet people the FBI suspected were Taliban operatives financed by Khan.
"Mr. Khan was unaware of the information that came to light only when the informant Siddiqui spoke to the press after the verdict," Wahid wrote. "This information should have been disclosed."


Rumpole said...

You just keep getting bigger and bigger. TMZ is going to start staking out your office.

Anonymous said...

Man, I hope the short shorts and the 70's style athletic socks are NOT making a comeback!