Thursday, January 17, 2013

Breaking-- Judge Scola grants rule 29 in Pakistani terror case

For one of the defendants, Izhar Khan. He was represented by Joe Rosenbaum, Dore Louis, and Kim Acevedo.

Congrats to the defense team. This is the second of three defendants to be dismissed from the case. The first was represented by Michael Caruso, the FPD. Also congrats to Judge Scola for having the courage to issue this ruling.

From the Herald article by Jay Weaver:

A federal judge threw out the terrorism charges against a young Muslim
cleric from Broward County in a trial where he and his father, an imam in
Miami, are accused of providing financial support to the Pakistani Taliban
terrorist organization.

Izhar Khan, the imam of a mosque in Margate, will be a free man later
Thursday after U.S. District Judge Robert Scola issued a verdict of
acquittal for the 26-year-old Muslim scholar.
The prosecution, which rested its case Wednesday in the material support
trial, failed to mount sufficient evidence of wrongdoing against the
younger imam, imam of Masjid Jamaat Al-Mumineen mosque off Sample Road.

“I do not believe in good conscience that I can allow the case to go
forward against Izhar Khan,” Scola ruled Thursday.

The judge also noted that the government nonetheless “proceeded in this
case against Izhar Khan in good faith.”

After the judge’s verdict, the defendant hugged defense lawyer Joseph
Rosenbaum and members of his Margate mosque shook each other’s hands,
quietly celebrating.


Bob Becerra said...

Wow, Rule 29, what a great result for Joe and his client. Kudos to Judge Scola for calling it like he saw it.

Anonymous said...

Which one is the imam?

Rumpole said...

The guy with the beard looks guilty.

Anonymous said...

Kim's a hottie. Va va va voom!

Anonymous said...

Dore bubbula...loosen up a bit. A massage. Yoga. A xanaz. A shot of tequila. Something so you don't look like a cardboard cutout of yourself.


That was the cutout. The real Dore was Out slamming Martinis at Blue Martini within an hour of the ruling.

Anonymous said...

Too funny....

Anonymous said...

Go Dore, Go!

Anonymous said...


Dore- check your in box. A groupon for yoga is headed your way dude. Loosen up bro. You won.

Anonymous said...


A chip off the old block.

Kid's a stud.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Joe, you know how to win them...