Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday news and notes

1.  Congrats to Todd Scher who obtained a new trial for his death-row client before Judge Seitz.  From the NY Times:

These days, Mr. Holland is represented by Todd G. Scher, a Miami Beach lawyer who won in the Supreme Court and persuaded Judge Seitz to order a new trial. A spokesman for the Florida attorney general’s office said prosecutors would ask Judge Seitz to reconsider her ruling.
Mr. Scher said he did not know who would represent Mr. Holland at a retrial. For now, he said, what was clear was that a federal judge had found “a blatant Sixth Amendment violation.”
“It shows that he was right,” Mr. Scher said of his client. “He had concerns about his prior series of lawyer, and his concerns turned out to be valid.” 

2.  Fitzroy Salesman was in the 11th Circuit yesterday, and represented by all-around good person Ashley Litwin.  From the Sun-Sentinel:
Ashley Litwin, Salesman's appeals lawyer, told the judges on Tuesday that Salesman had acted like an NBA star on suspension from his team contract who worked on a beer commercial but wasn't paid for it until after he returned to the team.
But Assistant U.S. Attorney Carol Herman said the analogy wasn't a good one "because elected officials are held to a higher standard than sports figures."
 Really? In Miami, I think sports figures are held to a higher standard...


Anonymous said...


You are a real class act. Others would have definitely posted the newspaper articles that chronicled your recent win for Yuby Ramirez. Congrats.

Calli said...

Without question, this is the best thing you have ever written on the blog

" Really? In Miami, I think sports figures are held to a higher standard..."

Anonymous said...

Hey, 5:37, you've got a good deal. You post your flowery atta boys to DOM and in exchange he agrees not to post any negatives about you and Lewis!