Monday, March 26, 2012

“NO electronics devices. Note taking only material is allowed in the Courtroom (i.e., pen & pad).”

That was the sign on the door to the Supreme Court his morning, meaning no iPhones, no Blackberrys, no iPads, no Twitter or anything else.  But here's the oral argument and transcripts which were posted after the argument.  Today was the very dry argument about jurisdiction and SCOTUSBlog has all of the analysis, including Lyle Denniston's take here.  From what everyone is saying, the Court will reach the merits of the healthcare debate...

While we are on the Supreme Court, it granted cert in Florida v. Harris today, the dog sniff case. The issue is: Whether an alert by a well-trained narcotics detection dog certified to detect illegal contraband is insufficient to establish probable cause for the search of a vehicle.
In other news, here's Herman Cain's most recent video:

Closer to blog's jurisdiction, below is a 60 Minutes piece from last night showing how prosecutors kept a man in jail for 25 years. It's amazing to me that DOJ is still arguing against Brady reform.


Anonymous said...

What -- no news of Roy Black's stunning defeat? Interesting. You conveniently sweep those cases under the rug. If you are going to devote major time on your blog to covering your idol in trial don't you think you should report on the result? Don't worry -- I'm sure he still loves you! Isn't he just dreamy.

CAPTAIN said...

to 8:01 am:

DOM reports on the federal Court. Turn to Justice Building Blog for coverage of State Court. We did post the below comment last Friday on this Blog as well as on the state court Blog:



Palm Beach County jury finds John Goodman, represented by famed criminal defense lawyer Roy Black, GUILTY of DUI Manslaughter and GUILTY of Vehicular Homicide.

Judge tells both sides to see if they can agree on a sentence. Otherwise, Judge will set a sentencing date and pass sentence.

Judge denies bail and takes defendant into custody.

More at 6 .....

Cap Out .....

Friday, March 23, 2012 1:55:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:01 - This is a blog for grown-ups.