Monday, July 18, 2011

Federal Judge interviews in one week

Below is the schedule for next Monday. Any volunteers for a guest blogger to cover the interviews?

Jerald Bagley, 9am
William Thomas, 9:30
Beatrice Butchko, 10
Peter Lopez, 10:30
Robert Levenson, 11
Barry Seltzer, 11:30
John Thornton, Jr. 1pm
Caroline Heck Miller, 1:30
Robin Rosenbaum, 2
Marina Garcia Wood, 2:30
John J. O’Sullivan 3pm


Anonymous said...

Interviews in one week ... let's see ... that means one of these people will be on the federal bench in about three or four years ... unless President Bachman withdraws the nomination and substitutes a trained parrot

Rumpole said...

Give it to O'Sullivan. I also like Levenson- he was a former AUSA and I (surprise surprise) find him to be a decent Judge despite the fact he sits in Broward.

Anonymous said...

Wrong Levenson, I think, Rumpole. I believe this Levenson is the chief trial lawyer at the Miami branch of the SEC.