Monday, January 10, 2011

11th Circuit in Atlanta is closed today

It's cold there. From the Court's website:

Inclement Weather
Court of Appeals employees should not report for duty at the Tuttle or Godbold Buildings in Atlanta on Monday, January 10, 2011, unless they are specifically directed to do so by a supervisor.

It's a beautiful day in Miami today. Outside the Ferguson Courthouse this morning, there was the swearing in of all the new representatives. Everyone who spoke mentioned John M. Roll and the other victims who died in the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona, and wished a complete and speedy recovery to Representative Gabrielle Giffords. In addition, Chief Judge Moreno gave a nice shout out to Kathy Williams and urged the new reps to get her confirmed. Well done Chief.


Anonymous said...

A litle too much pomp and circumstance given the weekend's tragic events. I thought it was in bad taste, especially the marching band.

Anonymous said...

On Rumpole's blog, he posts a video with a political editorial to accompany it. But I say this: Rump, I take strong exception to your posting of this one-sided article in order to spew your propaganda. Sarah Palin is no more responsible for the murder spree than the Democratic Leadership Conference was when it posted the target map on Congressional districts. No more than Obama was responsible when he described the republicans as "enemies" or when he said we should bring a gun instead of a knife to a battle with republicans. If I took the time, I could find hundreds more references like this by Obama and other democrats. People's opinions, no matter how firmly stated, do not kill people or play into a madman's deranged behavior. Where was the rush to blame muslims for the Ft. Hood shootings? Sarah Palin happens to be right that the size of government is too big. I'm tired of people politicizing tragedies in this way. And you have the nerve to hide behind someone's else's video. Rump, you are wrong, and Sarah Palin and the other republicans are right.