Friday, December 17, 2010

Quiet week

Not much to report at the end of this quiet week.

1. Uncle Luke (represented by Richard Brodsky) won before Judge Cooke.

2. Steve Binhak won a criminal environmental trial before Judge Gonzalez. From the PBP:

"It should send a shiver down your spine," Binhak told jurors. "Water seeping underground is connected all over the world. That means your backyard is connected to Florida Bay and the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge. Think about that the next time you cut your lawn."

3. Eddie O'Donnell Jr. and Bill Roppolo won a criminal tax trial before Judge Martinez.

Holiday time is a good time to try cases...

Have a nice weekend.

Update-- one other verdict from Friday: Paul Calli and Mike Pasano got a hung jury before Judge Hurley in a business opportunities case.


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Anonymous said...

Uncle Luke was probably happier about his Central Rockets team (he is an assistant coach) winning the 6A state championship this weekend. Big props to Hugo Rodriguez and all the other proud Central high alums.