Sunday, March 21, 2010

Public corruption trial begins for former Miramar Commissioner Fitzroy Salesman

Here's the preview article by the Sun-Sentinel. Should be interesting:

The defense's case is more unpredictable. Salesman's attorney, Jamie Benjamin, said his client denies that he did anything criminal. One possible argument floated by the defense is that Salesman can't be accused of abusing his office because he was suspended at the time of some of the alleged offenses, due to unrelated legal problems.Benjamin also planned to put on a defense of entrapment."The government turned a casual friendship with Mr. Salesman, where he was more than happy to do favors for people who had befriended him, into one where, like any organized crime ring, they got their tentacles around him," Benjamin wrote in court documents.But U.S. District Judge James Cohn's rulings last week left the defense concerned that if they go too far in accusing the FBI of entrapment, misconduct or racist motivations, it could open the door for prosecutors to tell the jury more unflattering information about Salesman.Cohn ruled Friday there was no evidence of racial hostility, as the defense alleged, in the federal investigation of Salesman, who is black."In addition, the court finds no evidence of governmental misconduct, much less outrageous governmental misconduct," the judge said, rejecting a defense request to dismiss some of the charges.


Anonymous said...

Cinderella has brains!! Go Big Red

Anonymous said...

Obama took over General Motors, took over student loans, ordered that the gov't see everybody naked in the airport, and now what? If the reconciliation bill passes in the Senate (implementing the "public option"), he will have taken over your healthcare. Even if the reconciliation bill does not pass in the Senate, the bill that passed yesterday in the house is sufficient for the Government to put the private health insurance companies out of business. The federal government also just allocated funds for 18,000 new IRS agents while big brother's cameras are on every corner. And if you in fact send in the 2010 Census form, you can forget about it. Your privacy and freedom are history.

Anonymous said...

5:24 = Idiot/tax cheat.

Make sure you take all that money you have been hiding from the IRS to go buy some more guns before he takes them too!

Should note however that I agree with you on the following points:

Body scanners at airport
Cameras on corners

Unfortunately for you --- WACKJOB --- we have Bush to thank more for those things.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that all political discussions these days generate into name calling? I dislike both Bush and Obama, but Obama is worse. We might as well be living in Cuba under Castro. I have never cheated on my taxes. But since you want to call people names, I'll call you this: MORONIC ALIEN.

Anonymous said...

President Obama is a dictator like Castro? That is a very offensive remark to people who lost their property, their liberty and their life under Castro's totalitarian regime!

Also, what is with the Alien remark?

David, this a wonderful blog. Fun, informative, playful and sometimes serious. Do not let it become a vitriolic shouting match.

Anonymous said...

I know you seen this in the news today.. whats your thoughts regarding this?

Gitmo jury recommends 14 years for al-Qaida cook (AP)

[b]Pot dealers get more time in jail then terrorists.. Whats up with that Obama?[/b]