Sunday, April 26, 2009

What up SDFLA?

It was a nice weekend, no? The weather was fantastic. It was cooler here than in New York this weekend.

Plus, the Heat won. Jermaine O'Neal is showing why we traded for him.

The Dolphins had a nice draft. We addressed our needs and got some big upside with our first couple of picks.

Too bad the Marlins are in a funk after starting the year 11-1... Getting swept back-to-back is ugly.

So what's on tap this week? We may get a verdict in the Liberty City 6 case. Any other trials starting up? Give me a shout and let me know what's going on...

Interesting news in DC -- the prosecutors in the Ted Stevens case have hired lawyers, to be paid for by DOJ. Here's the BLT story on it. Those lawyers can get $200/hour, not to exceed 120 hours a month. Chump change for most of the biglaw former AUSAs being hired...

That's your Sunday night ramble.


Fake Anonymous said...

$200 an hour not to exceed 120 hours per month = $24,000 a month in legal fees to be paid by the federal gevernment. Maybe "chump change" to some, but sounds like a good few months (and probably longer) of billing to me.

Anonymous said...

I actually appreciate the differentiation between criminals -- if you are a DOJ lawyer (who has money and is able to afford a lawyer) under investigation for a crime -- criminal contempt -- you get a $200 per hour lawyer on the public tab with no cap...if you are an indigent defendant prosecuted for a crime, you get a $100 per hour CJA lawyer with a cap.

And, before any of you AUSAs say they are only under investigation for a crime...remember what they are accused of -- something presumably so far out of their job description (lying to the court and hiding evidence) that there is no excuse for using my money to pay for their attorney.

On another note...does anybody know if the lawyers, who have filed notices of appeal in Markus' case, are being provided attorneys on the public dime as well?

Anonymous said...

Go read the DBR. Yes. The prosecutors requested reimbursement for their attorney's fees. Chutzpah!