Sunday, December 28, 2008




Plus, Dan Marino keeps his passing yards record by 16 yards as Drew Brees comes up just short.


CAPTAIN said...

He needed 15 yards to tie and 16 for the record - but who's counting. Marino still rocks, but Brees had a guy wide open both short and long and could have easily gotten the record (by hitting the short guy) on that last play if that was all he was going for.

Fins are IN and playing next Sunday at 1pm Be there!

Stephen said...

Not to nitpick David, but the Fins (love em!) are AFC EAST champs, not "AFC Champs". I only let you know because if I forward your post to friends here in the 'Burgh, they will definitely point out the typo, probably with an air of presumptive superiority cultivated by five super bowl wins -- especially since the Dolphins' road to Tampa goes through Heinz Field.

David Oscar Markus said...

Thanks both of you -- I fixed both mistakes. I was a little fired up when I wrote the post.... Got my tix this morning. I will be there on Sunday.

Ed Williams said...

Who cares about the Dolphins. Baltimore Orioles rule!

Rumpole said...

I may have a few extra seats in my luxury box. But I am currently snowed in in California and the Jet won't come get me,
Sometimes the holidays are a bit trying.