Wednesday, September 17, 2008

News & Notes

Why appointments are better than elections. (via Sun-Sentinel)

Joe Cool case continues; apparently "four days before Guillermo Zarabozo and his accomplice chartered the Joe Cool fishing vessel for a trip that led to his arrest for murder, he received a letter from Miami-Dade police accepting him as an applicant." (via Miami Herald).

Anyone want to guest blog for a couple weeks?


John Cavicchi said...

From the Miami Herald:

Zarabozo maintains his innocence.

Miami-Dade police spokesman Detective Roy Rutland said Wednesday Zarabozo was still far from becoming a police officer.

''He still had not passed through many of the requirements and testing that come after orientation, which include psychological and medical evaluations, polygraph testing and background investigations,'' Rutland said.

Excuse me, but hasn't the prosecution opened the door to Zarabozo's polygraph and how can the prosecution present a case without Archer? I expect that Zarabozo will give a riveting acount of how Archer killed everybody. Finally, where is the forensic evidence which shows that the murders were committed in two separate locations?

As I asked a long time ago, where is Archer's polygraph?

South Florida Lawyers said...

Good luck David.

Anonymous said...

Courts OK majority of motions for crack cocaine sentence reductions
In the last nearly six months, federal district courts have received 13,170 motions for reductions in sentences by offenders convicted of a crack cocaine offense and have granted relief in 9,703, or 73.7%, according to the U.S. Sentencing Commission. The retroactive application of a crack cocaine amendment to the Federal Sentencing guidelines lowered base offense levels in an effort to address the 100-to-1 ratio, and racial disparity, in the sentencing of those convicted of crack offenses and those convicted of cocaine powder offenses.

Fake Captain Reports said...

McGillis has filed papers against the elections department.