Thursday, February 15, 2007

Motion to sever from "dirty bomber"

William Swor and Dore Louis have filed a motion to sever their client Kifa Jayyousi from Jose Padilla, arguing in part that the media frenzy surrounding the alleged "dirty bomber" will invariably and prejudicially spill-over to him. One media outlet has had the audacity to ask the Court permission to bring in a cell phone and laptop so you know there is going to be some wild stuff going on in at the (new?!) courthouse! [To go off on a tangent for a second, it amazes me that the feds are so afraid of cellphones. Yes, we lawyers can bring them in, but shouldn't everyone be permitted to carry their phone? In Ft. Myers it's even worse. Lawyers can't bring their phones into the courthouse? WHY NOT?!!?!? I do not get it. More on this later.]

In other news, I figured out it wasn't the oysters that got me sick. It was the damn peanut butter sandwich that the hotel gave out free one night. Salmonella. No kidding. In freaking peanut butter!

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