Sunday, November 19, 2006

Trial time

Vanessa Blum has the story about a trial starting Monday morning involving the leaders of a Dania Beach-based union, American Maritime Officers. The two criminal defense lawyers, Neal Sonnett and Fred Haddad, represent the defendants. I think these are two of the best trial lawyers in Florida, and it will be fun to see them try a case together because their styles are so different... Anyone who catches some of the trial, please feel free to post a comment.


Anonymous said...

sonnett hasnt tried a case in decades. like his partner bierman all they do is run to the usao and flip their guy.

Anonymous said...

hope that haddad wears a tie in federal ct. look soon for a decision in the 3dca regarding a dispute over property. oral a/m was this week.

Anonymous said...

Just hours ago the Jury in the U.S. Government versus Michael &
Bobby McKay returned with multiple "GUILTYS," on ALL Counts
against Bobby and "GUILTY" on all but one minor count against
Michael. The RICO Charges, Embezzlement, Election Rigging in prior
Elections and Constitutional Elections were all returned with
Unanimous GUILTY VERDICTS!!!!!!

Expect Major Headlines in tomorrow's News, both Local and Worldwide.

Now the AMO Membership can rightfully open the following:
Monthly Membership Meetings in Dania
Beach on Monday, January 08, 2007, Toledo on Wednesday, January
10, 2007 and Brooklyn on Friday, January 12, 2007. Any AMO Members
attending these Meetings should advise all of what occurs.

Do not expect we will be hearing anything from Reflection,
Worrier-68, Big Red, Frank Conwell, Pat Shinley or

It is doubtful that the "Official," AMO CURRENTS will report
either, at least not until Mike & Bobby leave for their new HOME!

Thomas Kelly

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Anonymous said...

haddad two faced lawyer not the best sells out dosent treat every case equally