Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July...

... and happy one year birthday to the Southern District of Florida Blog.

We turned one this weekend. This was the first post, urging President Bush to appoint a Floridian to the Supreme Court. I'm shocked that no one listened! But since then, our readership has grown. We're averaging over 175 hits a day during the week. And we've had 32,322 total visits as of this post. Pretty incredible.

And since that first post, our Supreme Court has dramatically changed and the Southern District has continued to get the biggest and best cases in the country. On a personal note, I've started my own firm and have added another child to the Markus clan... It's been a fun year.

Thanks to everyone who reads, emails me with tips, and posts comments.


Anonymous said...

Here's to Independence Day, 2007 and another great year of blogging!

Christopher S. Jones said...

Keep up the great work!