Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Civil" depo (UPDATED)

Check out this video clip of a "civil" depo. Hilarious.

You may also want to check out Hannity & Colmes tonight. (UPDATE -- Richard tells me that his appearance has been postponed until tomorrow night.) Friend of Blog Richard Rosenthal will be on defending his client, Basil Dalack -- a 76 year-old Korean War vet who was recently elected to the town council of the Village of Tequesta (in Palm Beach). Dalak refuses to take the oath because of his disagreement with Bush and the Iraq war. Hannity must be frothing... Here's a Sun-Sentinel article about the case.

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Ruben Oliva said...

The video was very funny. Back in the day I represented a real cantankerous client in a civl matter and right out of the box he drops the F bomb when the attorney asked him his address. It went downhill from there. The video reminded me of my depo from hell.