Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Welcome Justice (sc)Alito

We have a new Associate Justice, Sam Alito. This means we still don't have a Justice from Florida -- EVER. I still think it's time we get one.

My favorite picture from all the coverage is the one at the upper left, with his family in front of the Clinton potrait.

BTW, lots of comments lately. Although we're not debating who the better PD is or whether a lawyer has ever slept with a juror, the debate is interesting. Check it out.

UPDATE -- someone doctored the Clinton picture. See here.

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The innocent bystander said...

I suppose you have other things on your mind, but apparently Judge Moreno "lashed out at a federal prosecutor and deputy prison warden Tuesday, calling rules at the Federal Detention Center in Miami barring inmates from being able to meet with their lawyers in conference rooms 'asinine' and 'stupid.' (See Feb. 01, 2006 Daily Business Review).

I didn't catch the name of the defense attorneys, but I'm sure they were pleased Judge Moreno saw it their way.

Just FYI, eh?