Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hamilton Bank jury in

The jury could not reach a verdict in the Hamilton Bank trial -- US v. Masferrer. Judge Moore declared a mistrial and set the retrial for April. The deliberations took some strange turns -- two jurors were excused for reading the newspaper, requiring two alternates to come into a jury room where there had been 3 days of deliberations. Nonetheless they were required to start considering the case from scratch. Then one of the alternates got sick and an ambulance had to be called to the courthouse. After all this, the jury hung. Defense lawyers were Howard and Scott Srebnick. Prosecutors were Ben Greenberg and Andrew Levy.


Anonymous said...

Why no exclamation point?

Anonymous said...

I had heard that the Srebnicks were worried. It sounds like a defense win to me. I won't be surprised if a deal ends up being made.