Monday, October 10, 2005

Increase in criminal case filings

Julie Kay of the Daily Business Review has an interesting article (pass through link required) today summarizing her interview with Michael Clemens, special agent in charge of the Miami FBI office. Trying to deflect all the criticism regarding the "porn wars" Clemens says that they are continuing to focus on terrorism and have also devoted more resources to fraud. “We really had a spike in investigations after 2001. Most divisions did,” he said. “If we had a terrorist attack here, believe me, I would move 100 percent of our agents to counterterrorism. But it’s not necessary now.” I am also quoted in the article agreeing that filings are up. Kay refers to the blogosphere: "Since the Review first reported [about the priority on porn], agents and prosecutors are aghast at the notion, the issue has become fodder for comedians, late-night talk show hosts and bloggers around the world who questioned why law enforcement should devote limited resources to something that may be perfectly legal." The Daily Business Review is doing a good job following the blogs.

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